CD Mestre Bimba e seus tocadores 1953

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CD Mestre Bimba e seus tocadores.

Compact Disc containing a set of 05 78 rpm records, produced in 1953 and found in 2019. Historical and unpublished material by Mestre Bimba, where he performs berimbau keys and songs from the public domain, in addition to giving two interviews. Material released with the authorization of the family of Mestre Bimba, which presents artistic interactions paying homage to the creator of Capoeira Regional Baiana. The CD was released in 2020.

Research and production: Cristiano Cabeleira

Note: the item sold is a compact disc (new CD), it is not a vinyl.

Mestre Bimba's discs found.

How much history behind these tracks, these 05 78 RPM records Mestre Bimba and his Players! Who would they be? Male presence this time, without the sweet and refined voices of the Tijubinas, which are a trademark of Mestre Bimba's samba and Capoeira Regional. How many doubts?! Would these be the discs recorded by "Moreno", an old disciple or would they be other recordings? The dates that appear on the stamps are December 7, 1953, different from what Dr. Decneo left written in one of his books, which would be in 1946, and that "Moreno" would have taken them to Paraná. He also wrote that there were 2 discs of tambourine touches. Tambourines! Because one of the tracks on this material leaves that flea behind the ear... what well-played and dynamic tambourines, as protagonists as the berimbau. Who was commanding these instruments? How great it would be if we had all the names of these genius people, these artists - capoeiristas And there's more...two interviews! Conducted by whoever produced these recordings or just an interlocutor? The interviewer shows a closeness, a familiarity calling the master only by the name of Capoeira: - Bimba. The tracks are more or less 03 minutes, the limit of the disc, as it is noticed when the master receives the orientation to stop the execution, as it would exceed the available time. And the chants?! Exciting, consistent, heavy rhythm...singing in varied touches: São Bento Grande, São Bento Pequeno, Cavalaria, Santa Maria Idalina, Banguela; showing that Mestre Bimba's Capoeira Regional Baiana was in constant construction and invention, as restless as his master's creativity and genius. Quadras and corridos..less in the luna, in this the berimbau is the majesty; imposing, rich, contagious and hypnotic..magical and without explanation...because explaining is no longer magic! We still have another voice in the singing of the Regional - a rare fact singing in the Anthem, a very rare fact! The lack of records leaves the ball bouncing for the oldest and closest to recognize this person. Who participates in this material? Brás - the Amansa brabo - loyal companion of Capoeira Regional, as was Atenilo and so many others? Crispim, the eldest son and disciple of the faith, would he be with them? Older students or from the time of the recordings? Where were they made? The squeaks and creaks denounce that the discs are old and worn out by use and time. Glad I had time to use it again! They entered the needle tip of the 78 loops and thus were digitally recorded and kept alive in the history of this art-|ute, in the history of this brave people. Hear and feel the energy of Capoeira by Mestre Bimba and his group, enshrined in its pulsating truths in its latent Africanness, from within its courageous heart, its wisdom and imagination. Very happy to publish this material! Regardless of surnames, Capoeira earns a lot, enriches, learns, gets stronger... it unites! An honor for me and a privilege for everyone.

Cristiano Mattos da Cunha (Cabeleira) / July 2020.

Cristiano Cabeleira,(Pellets, Brazil)

A capoeirista since 1988, he also researches and collects on the subject. It has an interesting collection of LPs, books, newspapers, CDs, magazines, etc.

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