CD Mestres Navegantes : Bahia vol1.2 Capoeira Angola 1

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CD Mestres Navegantes : Bahia vol.1.


12 músicas, 1 h 17 min

Mestre Felipe, Mestre Curió, Mestre Adó

By buying this disc, you financially support the masters who participated in the project.

For this collection, which includes three albums from Candomblé (Ketu, Angola and Caboclo, Jêje Mahi and Nagô), two from Capoeira (Angola 1 and Angola 2) and two from Chegança (female and mixed), the project brought together 16 communities. religious and teacher representatives of the rich musical diversity of Bahia.

For the records of the songs sung on Candomblé's records, each terreiro chose a specific repertoire of its nation, a fact that allowed the constitution of a large and rare documentary collection, with works never recorded before. According to the filmmakers, documenting the musical heritage of the people of santo de Bahia represents an act of resistance against the secular oppression experienced by blacks and indigenous people in this country, against racism and growing religious intolerance. “Each community has brought what is most sacred to them. Songs and ringtones that celebrate orixás, voduns, inquiries, charms, caboclos and afro indigenous entities, proving the richness and musical diversity of our people. Each of the tracks leaves for posterity a heritage that portrays the ancestry and vitality of the universe of Brazilian popular culture, ”says Betão Aguiar.

Track 1 to 4 : Mestre Felipe

1- Qualquer dia é dia (3:19)

2- Ladainha "Senzala" - Corridos "Eu sou Capoeira" e "Bujão" (8:52)

3- Corridos "Oh meu amor" e "E amar é Jó" (6:35)

4- Tempo (6:19)

Track 5 to 8: Mestre Curió

5- Ladainha "Nasci pequinininho" - Corrido "Na Samambaia" (5:07)

6- Ladainha "Discipulo do seu Pastinha" - Corrido "Dakar" (6:08)

7- Corrido "Oh meu senhor que é dono da terra" - Corrido "Seu Pastinha" (5:45)

8- Ladainha "Perguntei para o Diabo" - Corridos "Na beira do mar", "Pra lavar minha roupa não tem sabão" e "Ô Jiló" (9:04)

Track 9 to 12: Mestre Adó

9- Ladainha "Terra de São Bento" - Corrido "Quem quiser me ver" e "Coco da Bahia" (8:05)

10- Ladainha "Canto da Saubara" - Corridos "Menino que vende", "Maranhão", "Maracangalha ê a" e "Agua que rola pro mar" (8:15)

11- Quadra "Serra do Maranhão" - Corridos "Ô meu mano violê" e "Maria como é que pode" (5:00)

12- Lailê - Sátira (4:47)

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