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Official tshirt of the Instituto Besouro Mangangá (founded by Mestre Sidney de Jesus in Santo Amaro - Recôncavo - Brazil). Unisex.

This foundation aims to safeguard and disseminate the true story of the icon of Capoeira, the great Besouro Mangangá (Manuel Henrique Pereira 1885-1924). A documentary film is being produced in order to enhance and disseminate the story of this historical figure from Brazil.

By purchasing this article, you support the foundation financially and we thank you for it.

To learn more about Besouro Manganga, check out our blog post by clicking here.

To learn more about and support the "Fundação Besouro Mangangá" click here.

The “Fondação Besouro Manganga” is also called “Instituto Besouro Manganga”.

The logo on the t-shirt can be FBM or IBM. The height/position of the IBM logo may vary slightly between shoulder level and upper chest (clavicle).

Thank you for your support of this cultural project. The institute works every day to promote the history of Besouro Manganga.

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