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Kids Capoeira pants for boys and girls (white - traditional uniform). Perfect for training or official performances. 100% polyamide trousers, reinforced seams and crotch. Very comfortable to wear, lightweight, stretchy and resistant. Easy washing and very fast drying.

Drawcord at the waist and loops for the rope. From 2 years old to 14 years old.

We offer at least one bracelet for every order. Depending on the order amount, the gift changes. Do not hesitate to tell us if it's for a girl, a boy or both. Thank you for your confidence.

Helanca fabric (the reference for capoeira pants), resistant, stretchy and comfortable to wear. 100% polyamide.

The brand Marimbondo Sinha is a registered trademark in the manufacture of quality pants in Brazil. The cut is mixed and adjustable with drawcord at the waist. The mesh of the fabric is resistant. The ideal choice for the Capoeiriste. Other sizes are controllable. Contact us.

100% polyamide rather than 100% polyester ... Why? Here are the differences ...

Polyamides are among the most used synthetic fabrics. Very strong (tearproof and anti-pilling, even wet) and they have a high elasticity. They dry super fast and have a very high resistance to friction. It is also a very pleasant material to wear (generally used for the design of technical clothing). Supports ironing very well.

Polyester is more economical but lighter. To avoid as close as possible to the body, because little pleasant for the skin (rough to the touch). Moreover, it retains the odors of perspiration. On the other hand very resistant to wear.

Despite a slightly higher cost, Capoeirashop favors the polyamide material for reasons of undeniable quality.

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