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Brazilian wish bracelet Bonfim

Bracelets religious Bahiani multicolors bearing the inscription "Lembrança do senhor do Bonfim". Today, these lucky "fitas" are worn on the wrist as a fashion accessory or at events / parties. Ideal to validate entries or as a welcome gift! In popular, superstitious and folkloric tradition, the Senhor do Bonfim ribbon is wrapped around the wrist or ankle,...
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Arame Berimbau string - 170 cm

Arame (string for berimbau) ready to use. Quality steel or steel wire (solid) and natural string (cotton). Traditional handmade. Sold in an individual package for optimum protection against oxidation.
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Kids Capoeira Pants

Kids Capoeira pants for boys and girls (white - traditional uniform). Perfect for training or official performances. 100% polyamide trousers, reinforced seams and crotch. Very comfortable to wear, lightweight, stretchy and resistant. Easy washing and very fast drying. Drawcord at the waist and loops for the rope.From 2 years old to 14 years old.Size 16 =...
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Lucky Brazilian bracelet roll - Senhor do Bonfim

Rouleau de bracelets bearing the inscription "Lembrança do senhor do Bonfim". Ideal for validating the entries of events or evenings... The wheel contains 90 identical bracelets. Select the color of your choice, as well as the quantity of rolls you want and add to the basket. Renew the operation if you souhaitez plusieurs rouleaux de différentes. In the...
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White Capoeira Pants - Man and Woman (Abada)

White capoeira pants (uniform - abada) perfect for training or official performances. 100% polyamide 250g / m² (resistant and light), reinforced seams and crotch. Very comfortable to wear, light and stretchy. Easy washing. Very fast drying. Drawstring at the waist and 8 loops for the rope. Excellent quality Leading Brazilian brand Marimbondo Sinha. Size...
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High quality dobrão for playing the berimbau. (See technical sheet). Sold individually. Brass (1), bronze (2) or stainless steel (3) of your choice. - Brass (5mm thickness): This is the most classic material in the manufacture of Dobrões - Stainless steel (4mm thickness): Stainless, ultra resistant, chrome color. More information in the description...
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Arame sold by the meter (berimbau string)

Berimbau string, quality steel wire (Arame de berimbau). Diameter 0.9mm or 1mm. Sold by the meter (more economical). Anti-oxidation treated for better longevity. If you have any doubts about the diameter, choose the 0.9mm size which is the most common. However, the 1mm size is the closest thing to steel wire recovered from a car tire. If you have already...
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Adult Capoeira Cord (10-12mm)

Unbleached capoeira cord (graduation), 100% natural cotton with core, diameter 10mm or 12mm. Raw (without knot). Can be dyed easily. Very good resistance over time. Sold by the meter. For large quantities and roll of 100 meters (ideal for academies and capoeira associations) see...
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Calabash for berimbau

Calabash for berimbau (cabaça) varnished and ready to use (supplied with its rummy). Our calabashes are carefully selected to ensure optimal sound for your berimbau. Imported from Salvador de Bahia. Four models of calabashes are available: VIOLA (small size - high sound), MEDIO (medium size - intermediate sound), GUNGA or BERRA-BOI (large size - low...

White Abada - Tapered-Carrot Cut Unisex

White capoeira pants. Uniform also named abada. Unisex. Tapered or carrot cut (slightly bent at the ankle) designed for training or official ceremonies. 100% polyamide (strong and lightweight), reinforced seams and crotch. Drawstring at the waist. With or without elastic waist (to choose). Passers by the rope. Excellent value.
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Kids Berimbau

Berimbau made in Salvador de Bahia, cradle of Capoeira in Brazil. Small in size (around 1 meter) and light, this small berimbau is ideal for learning children (from 5/7 years old) or for decoration. The latter is decorated and varnished (colored paints). Please note: due to their format, delivery of berimbaus is often delayed (manual processing by...
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Dobrão for berimbau

Brass dobrão for berimbau. This is a brass piece, rather heavy, which replaces the stone (or pebble) to play the berimbau. It is one of the accessories of the berimbau like the wand or the caxixi.
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Children Capoeira cords (8mm)

Capoeira Cords for child size (Belt for capoeira pants). Natural ecru color. 100% Cotton, 8mm in diameter. Maybe tinted. CAUTION: A capoeira cord usually folds in 2 before being threaded through the belt loops (see teacher). To choose your size: (waist size + leg to knee height) X 2 Attention: We invite you to check / measure the diameter in mm of your...
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Women's cut - White Fit Abada

Designed specifically for women, these white workout pants feature a slim fit ideal for those who want workout pants that are comfortable while remaining sexy and stylish.An elastic band at the waist ensures a perfect fit at the back (no more visible underwear when squatting). This abada with its curved waist will give you perfect ease of movement and...
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Men's Capoeira Pants

White capoeira pants (uniform - abada) from the Brazilian brand Marimbondo Sinha. Perfect for training or official performances. Men's cut. This cut is wider and the size higher compared to the mixed model usually sold. See the size guide in the photo. Drawstring at the waist (inside) and 8 loops for the rope. Excellent quality.
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Cover berimbau

Protective cover for berimbau complete (1 or 2 wood + calabash). Pocket for storing baguette and dobrão. All covers in the shop are suitable for all berimbaus we sell.
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Pandeiro Bahia Adult

Handmade pandeiro made by Queixada, specially designed for capoeira. Size: 10 inches. Resistant instrument offering very good longevity. The sound is pleasant and perfect for capoeira's rodas. Not refinable but does not go out of tune. Natural leather (goat).
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White Abada child-adult CapoeiraShop

Official white Abada specially designed for the practice of Capoeira. Durable and very comfortable, this high-quality stretch polyamide fabric (300g/m2) guarantees impeccable quality for your training uniforms. High resistance seams. Reinforced crotch. Easy to wash and very quick to dry. Drawstring at the belt (internal left side) and 8 loops for the...
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Capoeira Shoes Rainha VL2500 - White-Blue

The Rainha VL 2500 shoes offer maximum comfort so you can enjoy your rounds and capoeira training in style. The Brazilian brand created in 1934, has been the benchmark for Capoeiristas since the 1980s. These are the ideal shoes for outdoor training. For ecological reasons, we have chosen to sell these shoes without the cardboard box, which in 90% of cases...
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Rope Adult with knots

Rope unbleached 100%, 16 spindles, 10mm diameter cotton with a pink knot on each end. Can be dyed.CAUTION: capoeira cord often bends 2 before passing around the waist (see your teacher) ...To choose the right length (+ round belt waist height up to half molllet) x2.If you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact us ...
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Pendant Jewelry Berimbau

Berimbau mini pendant! A great gift idea for money! Sold individually. WARNING: Non-contractual photos. Every manufactured object is unique! The reasons vary on this model (see photos). However, we guarantee the highest quality with the closest visual aspect can our shots.
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Black Capoeira pants (Angola)

"Social calça" brand Marimbondo Sinha. Black capoeira pant designed for practitioners of Capoeira Angola and / or Regional. Pocket on the sides and behind. Snap, zip and loops for a belt.100% polyamide, reinforced seams and crotch.Very comfortable to wear. easy washing. Also available in white.
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