Atabaque Mestre Brandão


Atabaque RUMPI manufactured by Mestre Brandão in São Paulo. A world reference. Great quality of sound and finish. Genuine leather skin. Pink Peroba wood. Sisal rope. This percussion instrument is designed to last, it will suit the teachers of Capoeira as the students.

Sold with his wooden foot. Carrying case sold separately.

The atabaques offered on this site are ALL natural wood + genuine leather and manufactured (no industrial manufacturing like the known brands). No instrument is synthetic skin. Handcrafted guarantee. We favor quality, tradition and original sound.

CAUTION: Non-contractual photos. Each manufactured instrument is unique! However, we guarantee you an irreproachable quality with a visual aspect as close as possible to our photos. The color of the skin in particular may vary. Contact us for more details.

The atabaque is a long drum with a conical shape (its base is often placed on a support and is much thinner than its summit), composed of large strips of exotic wood such as jacaranda, cedar or mahogany, tight against each other thanks to iron hoops of different diameters. Its manufacture is similar to barrels. A skin of beef is stretched at the top, fixed by cords.

It exists in three different sizes:

    Rum: The biggest with a more serious sound.
    Rum-Pi: Medium size and medium.
    Le: The smallest with the most acute sound.

Our atabaques are perfect for the Capoeira roda.

The sisal rope is intended for an excellent life (it is the longest and the most resistant of vegetable fibers). Sisal is made using a very old method from South America. The boats, for example, were equipped with sisal rope until the middle of the 20th century. You can use your atabaque for more than 15 years without any problem if properly used.


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35 cm
16 kg
32 cm
110 cm
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