Mestre Bimba : Uma vida consagrada a Capoeiragem


INEDIT: "Mestre Bimba : Uma vida consagrada a Capoeiragem" is an exceptional work by Mestre Jair Moura depicting the life of the great Mestre Bimba. This book offers unpublished archives, stories and anecdotes. Edition 2016 limited edition and dedicated by the author. To preserve carefully!

Language: Portuguese
Edition: September 2016 - 500 copies
Number of Pages: 104
Paperback - black and white

Format: 21x28 cm


We have dedication only 10 copies of this work by Mestre Jair Fernandes de Moura. The latter is one of the greatest researchers, writers and filmmaker on the theme of Capoeira still alive.
Former disciple of Mestre Bimba, he dedicated his life to studying the Capoeira and to divulge its history through its historical works impossible to circumvent.
Many of his books are now not found in commerce (even in Brazil) because they are no longer published ... All the works of Mestre Jair Moura are to be preserved carefully!


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21 cm
28 cm
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