Book Capoeira, Combat Dance


This beautiful hardcover book is perhaps the finest work on capoeira. History, culture, photos, all aspects of capoeira are presented. A must.
Book sold in bookstores. Only available online.
French book of 192 pages.

This book offers you to deepen your knowledge, or discover one of the richest cultural events of modern Brazil. All facets of art are addressed, both in its formal aspects, that from an historical perspective, the origins to the present, or social, in his home country.
It centers on Bahia, cradle of the renaissance of capoeira as taught in the world today.

Richly illustrated with nearly 250 iconographic documents, mostly photographs and watercolors in colors specially made, the book offers numerous archive footage, including unpublished photos of Pierre Verger, as well as reproductions of the most beautiful and lithographs sketches on the subject by the great Bahian artist Carybé.

Text & Photos: Arno MANSOURI


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